Why Do Kids Love Play Tents?


There’s something palpably exciting for children about being inside a tent. The feeling of being enclosed in a small space with nothing but fabric between them and the outside world combined with the feeling of being invisible is something that most kids savor, and the memory lasts into adult life. Making do with a cushion and blanket fort or hiding underneath the kitchen or dining room table is no comparison to the feeling of actually being in a tent.

A play tent allows kids to run wild with their imagination. It comes with a feeling of danger and excitement that can give them the experience of living in the wild, defending their makeshift home against wild animals or other intruders, and enjoying being closer to nature. Since the majority of families are not able to get away to camping spots very often, having a play tent is an excellent way for a child to pretend to be camping and to relive past camping trips.

For children who are living in the city or suburbs, having a play tent means being able to experience being a little bit closer to nature since it can easily conjure up the feeling of being in nature. Although children’s imaginations are extremely creative and vivid, a play tent can go a long way to adding that extra bit of tangible reality to a game of pretending to be in the wilderness fending for themselves.

One of the joys of playing in a play tent is fitting it out with various items that make it more cozy, snug and comfortable. Setting out cushions, pillows and blankets inside the tent result in a delicious combination of “roughing it” and luxury. There is a very specific feeling to making the outdoors comfortable. Making the inside of the play tent as close to a little house as possible is something that most kids will get a kick out of. This new site about play tents shows you how fun and easy this can be.

While boys may like to pretend to be under attack, and perhaps have some of their toys move into the tent with them to boost their defenses, girls may prefer to have tea parties inside their tent. A lovely way for a child to use a play tent is to make themselves comfortable with various furnishings, some healthy snacks, and a good book. Lying back, reading a favorite book, feeling the warmth of the sun through the walls of the tent is one of the happiest ways to spend a lazy afternoon.

For kids who each have their own tent, it is a lot of fun visiting each other’s tents and playing host in their own. Making the interior comfortable for their guests and taking little gifts or snacks over to each other’s tents is a fun way to play grown-ups. Being able to sleep in a play tent – even if it is just an afternoon nap rather than through the night – is one of the most fun and exciting ways to enjoy safely sleeping outdoors and feeling closer to nature.