Tips To Help Mothers Bond With Their Sons


Having trouble understanding why your son is blocking you from his life even though you have tried all you can? Or maybe you are expectant with a babyboy and have no clue how to establish a healthy relationship with your son when he comes of age. Worry not, many mothers have at one time had no perfect answer to their many questions. This article will attempt to explain some of them and hopefully quench a bit of your curiosity.

1. Teach him the Virtue of Love
Most mothers with sons make the mistake of letting their sons learn about love from their friends or their dads. And dads, am not implying that you can teach about love but it is such a complex aspect of mankind that I believe women understand more. Moms, teach your sons at a tender age how to love passionately and freely. This will shape him into a man who can courageously love and be proud of it openly.

2. Don’t be too overprotective
Stop ‘clinging’ to your sons and let them get to explore the world in their own terms. Boys will always be boys, accept this sooner so that he doesn’t create a barrier between the two of you full of lies and deceit. He needs to learn from his mistakes and determine his destiny. You just have to be there when he ‘falls’ and needs someone to ‘lift’ him up.

3. Don’t Hide your Emotions from Him
Going through a heartbreak or facing a difficult situation at work? Your son is there for you as much as your daughters are. Don’t hide your tears from him, let him give you comfort. This will shape him into a compassionate man who can empathize with others feelings. In this way, he can also confide in you if the world becomes too harsh on him.

4. Be Available
Moms, stop pushing away your sons by having their dads be there for them for every important moment of their life. Accompany him to a football match every once in a while. Visit him at school and see how he is fairing on with the other kids. Organize a party for him and his friends. You will find that you are as significant to him as his dad.

5. Have “the talk” with Him
Don’t shy away from having to talk about sex with your son. This is a very critical point in his life, and he needs a woman’s perspective on the matter. He will learn to respect women and have a responsible sex life. You don’t want him to learn about sex from his peers or some website. He will also not feel ashamed if he has to talk about sex to his kids.

6. Don’t be Scared to Pamper Him
Don’t deny your boy affection because he is a “man”. Your babyboy needs as much love and attention as your daughter. Have a cuddly time with them and spoil them once in a while.

You can be assured of a stronger bond with your sons if you implement some of these tips. Enjoy your mother-son time.