The Best Educational Toys For Toddlers And Babies

Humans stay with their parents longer than any other animal. Matter of fact humans have the longest childhood than any other animal too. Why is this the case? The reason behind all of this is that more so than any other animal on this planet, humans depend on their ability to think and learn to survive in the world. Or world is very complex, our language is the most complex and the skills needed to make it in the world are every changing and are becoming more complex. Although this is about feeding your baby’s healthy mind and helping toddlers learn, one thing is true is that adolescence is lasting a longer time. Some say it is because of the economy, because of how technology and high skilled the working world has become but what matter most is that you must feed your child’s mind and put them in the best position to compete in the world. Sure this might seem a bit premature but the neuro networks and conditioning a child receives while young will influence their ability to learn new skills throughout their lives.

What Do Babies Need To Know?

A baby’s world is all tactile: food, sleep, touch and comfort. Since this is a baby’s world, their educational toys should match what they do. For babies their toys should be all about building physical dexterity, using their body, the toys should be bright and even noisy to stimulate different parts of their brain and that uses as many sub-modalities as possible. This is how you hold a baby’s attention and if you ever notice this is how the best educational shows for children and even cartoons hold a child’s attention. Everything is colorful, loudĀ and there is plenty of action. At this stage, your baby should just be engaged with the physical world in as many ways as a baby can engage the world. This also means physical touch and reading to your child.

What Do Toddlers Need

Toddlers can do more and have more mastery over their body and over their world than do babies. At this age you can start using educational tools that help your child learn their numbers, learn sight worlds and that start to help them learn to read. It is never to early to start the reading process. Toys that can do all of the above and in an entertaining way will give your child the best results.

As you can see education should start early and it begins with the toys that you give your child. Educational toys should match the child’s age, child’s play and stage of development. Toys for young kids should engage them on many different levels. Toys that are visually pleasing and engaging and that provide audio work great. Toys that a child can touch and manipulate are great too and children should be able to move, grab things and toss them around, that really is a part of building their body and their mind. It is all connected.