Mom Meet Mom a place to connect with other mothers

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If you are like me then you know how hard it is to be a stay at home mom while your husband work during the day. I currently use this blog as an outlet to meet other moms like you but even then my social social is very small. I want to be able to go out for dinner and drinks with local moms nearby but that is hard to come by. I miss the old days of college where your girlfriends were just around the corner. In this current day and ager where there are apps for anything, I started wondering if there was some app out there to meet other moms in the area. Surprisingly, I was able to find one. I saw they this application was also featured on CBS, this new website is called Mom Meet Moms.

So far I have used this website to connect with a mom named, Cathy, and we have been planning trips for our kids and organizing our schools fundraising event.

I really enjoy this website and signup for this site was very easy. I was able to create a profile in 5 minute and let them know that I was interested in baking, yoga and going to the playground. Withen 2 days I found Cathy and we were a perfect match.

Cathy and I have now been able to find a few other moms in Seattle that have been super friendly.

If you know a mom that could use a little social interaction with other moms and kids, have them give a try!