Little D3 – Infant Vitamin D Drops Overview




Little D3 is a naturally cultivated form of premium Vitamin D combined with completely pure Aloe Vera juice. The 500iu 0.5mL bottle makes for a supply that will last for around four months.
The dropper makes for a convenient and efficient way to add a boost of Vitamin D into any food, beverage, or topical treatment you may give your infant.

While a lot of medicinal or vitamin-oriented products tend to taste bad, Little D3 has a natural wild-berry flavor that helps it go down without a fight. Each purchase also included an eBook titled “Vitamin D, The Lowdown,” detailing everything you need to know about providing a healthy source of the vitamin for your child. With stellar reviews across the board, Little D3 is one of the best choices in Vitamin D drops for infants.