A Unit Price Comparison Tool That Can Save You Money

In the current economic environment, people are trying to find ways to save money. For any consumer product, there can be a significant difference in price depending on who the merchant is. One way to save money is to compare prices when you shop for those essential items. But consumer products are often packaged in different sizes that makes it hard to compare apples to apples. You need to have a calculator with you so you can figure out the per unit price in order to make an accurate comparison. But now, this hassle is about to change.

There is a new tool out there called Unit Genius that compiles prices on popular consumer items and calculates the per unit price for you. This tool can be found at https://www.unitgenius.com. This is an engine that compares prices for the most popular household and personal essential items like pet food, diapers, toothpaste, etc., across nine major online retailers. It is the first tool in the world that automates this for you.

How does it work? Basically, you choose one of the popular consumer products that this engine has on its website. You click on the product, select the options for size if applicable, and search. The engine will gather prices from nine of the biggest online merchants on the web that sell this item. The results of your search will include the following information: the per unit price of the product, your savings over five years, and a link to the product’s web page on the merchant’s website. The results are ranked by the lowest per-unit price of that particular product.

Imagine not having to take out your calculator to figure out all of this yourself. You no longer have to struggle with figuring out whether you should buy that 4-pack at Walmart or that 6-pack at Target. The Unit Genius will figure that out for you so you will know right off the bat which merchant will give you the lowest price.

Saving pennies on a single unit may not seem like much, but when you look at the savings over five years, it can total up to thousands of dollars. These essential items are things that a typical household uses every single day, sometimes several times a day. These items are highly consumable, so you use a lot of it. Saving a few pennies every time you use it will add up to big dollars.

Unit Genius continues to add more and more products on its website. They have developed a unique algorithm that will always pull out the best price, every time. In fact, they guarantee it. If you find a lower per unit price elsewhere, Unit Genius will buy the product for you. They guarantee that the first result you get in every search will give you the lowest per unit price offered by the nine merchants that they index.

Saving money on essentials has never been easier. Go to https://www.unitgenius.com to try it out, and you will be impressed with what it can do for you.

Features To Look For In A Mini Projector

As many people have found out, it is very easy to get a projector because the cost is lower, but also more stores are carrying the projectors. However, this does not make it any easier on people to decide which of the projectors they are going to buy. This is when people need to know about some of the features they should be looking for in a mini projector to guarantee they are selecting the right one. Without this information, people may end up selecting the wrong projector for their home and this could easily lead to them being disappointed in the way the projector works or even the picture quality.

Distance from the wall the projector needs to have to keep a great looking picture. While most of the time people never think about this, they need to realize these projectors are smaller and may require a further distance from the wall or even a closer distance. However, by getting the information on the distance that is required, it will be easy for people to know if they are going to get the right projector for the room they are putting the projector in or not.

Type of bulb the projector uses is something else that people need to consider. Typically a mini projector will have a smaller and in turn more expensive bulb. However, with how often these bulbs break or burn out people need to consider the bulb size and if it is going to be affordable for them to replace over time.

Adapters the projector can accept is something else that people need to think about. While most of the time, people think they will be able to get the projector and use anything they have with it, they need to realize some of these projectors are only wireless, but others will accept all types of adapters. This way people will be able to get the right projector and know it will work with what they are using as the driver for the pictures.

Weight and carrying case is the final feature for people to consider while looking at the mini projectors. The main reason why people are going to be buying a mini is they want to have them as a portable device. Now this is something that is a nice thing to consider because this will allow people to know if they are going to be able to carry the projector or not. However, this is also going to let people know if the projector will be protected when they are carrying it around with them.

When people are in the market for a projector, they will often notice more stores are carrying them, but they tend to have more features than what people think. This is when people should know about some of the features to look for in a mini projector to guarantee they are selecting the right one for their needs. Without knowing the features to look for people may end up buying the wrong projector for their needs.

Tips To Help Mothers Bond With Their Sons


Having trouble understanding why your son is blocking you from his life even though you have tried all you can? Or maybe you are expectant with a babyboy and have no clue how to establish a healthy relationship with your son when he comes of age. Worry not, many mothers have at one time had no perfect answer to their many questions. This article will attempt to explain some of them and hopefully quench a bit of your curiosity.

1. Teach him the Virtue of Love
Most mothers with sons make the mistake of letting their sons learn about love from their friends or their dads. And dads, am not implying that you can teach about love but it is such a complex aspect of mankind that I believe women understand more. Moms, teach your sons at a tender age how to love passionately and freely. This will shape him into a man who can courageously love and be proud of it openly.

2. Don’t be too overprotective
Stop ‘clinging’ to your sons and let them get to explore the world in their own terms. Boys will always be boys, accept this sooner so that he doesn’t create a barrier between the two of you full of lies and deceit. He needs to learn from his mistakes and determine his destiny. You just have to be there when he ‘falls’ and needs someone to ‘lift’ him up.

3. Don’t Hide your Emotions from Him
Going through a heartbreak or facing a difficult situation at work? Your son is there for you as much as your daughters are. Don’t hide your tears from him, let him give you comfort. This will shape him into a compassionate man who can empathize with others feelings. In this way, he can also confide in you if the world becomes too harsh on him.

4. Be Available
Moms, stop pushing away your sons by having their dads be there for them for every important moment of their life. Accompany him to a football match every once in a while. Visit him at school and see how he is fairing on with the other kids. Organize a party for him and his friends. You will find that you are as significant to him as his dad.

5. Have “the talk” with Him
Don’t shy away from having to talk about sex with your son. This is a very critical point in his life, and he needs a woman’s perspective on the matter. He will learn to respect women and have a responsible sex life. You don’t want him to learn about sex from his peers or some website. He will also not feel ashamed if he has to talk about sex to his kids.

6. Don’t be Scared to Pamper Him
Don’t deny your boy affection because he is a “man”. Your babyboy needs as much love and attention as your daughter. Have a cuddly time with them and spoil them once in a while.

You can be assured of a stronger bond with your sons if you implement some of these tips. Enjoy your mother-son time.

3 Types of Camping Gear You Cannot Leave Home Without

  1. Shelter. There is something undeniably exciting about spending the night outdoors for the true adventurer. Depending on the type of location you are traveling to – whether it’s a high altitude hike in the mountains, or a laid back trek through a forest, you’ll want to consider the most appropriate shelter far in advance. One of the most common options is a tent; it provides respite from the elements, whether that includes wild animals, insects, precipitation, or simply the cool night air.An alternative shelter that is rapidly growing in popularity is the camping hammock. It is certainly an incredibly light option, usually weighing no more than a few ounces at most, in contrast to tents that can weigh up to several pounds. It’s important to remember that EVERY single ounce matters while camping, considering the amount of gear you’ll be carrying and the ground you’ll be covering during the day. Backpacking hammocks are also incredibly versatile, as you can set them up in nearly any environment without the concern of uneven ground. Hammocks can also be used for holding your supplies safely above the ground.

    Along with shelter comes the requisite accessories – whether that’s sleeping bags, air mattresses, pillows, tarp, bug nets, etc. You want to be comfortable while resting, but remember to limit it down to the essentials.

  2. Food and Kitchen Supplies. Many major outdoor outlets will offer a whole selection of ultra light pots, pans, and utensils for you to bring on your camping trip. Your best bet is to choose a deep pot that can function for both sauteing and boiling food. You can bring a portable stove and/or a grill rack for cooking over the campfire. You’ll also want helpful items like resealable plastic bags, collapsible water containers, trash bags and coolers for containment purposes. Depending on how long your trip is, you’ll probably want a mix of both fresh and canned or freeze-dried foods. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring the marshmallows for the requisite and necessary campfire s’mores!
  3. Personal Items and Apparel. While it’s unrealistic to think camping is going to be exactly like staying in a five star hotel, there are still many travel-sized personal items you should and can bring with you. Some absolute necessities – toilet paper, bug spray, sunscreen, a first aid kit, hand sanitizer and a toiletry kit are always a good place to start. Don’t forget any prescription medications you might need while traveling.You also cannot estimate the importance of proper apparel; it can have a direct and
    serious impact on your safety if you come unprepared. Quick-drying pants or underwear can be very helpful if you are expecting rainfall. Bring extra warm, insulated sleepwear; even if you are traveling in warm climates, the temperature can drop dramatically at night.

    It can be difficult to remember the many items you’ll need before going on your trip, but if you can remember these three types of gear, you should be all set and ready to have the best camping experience possible.