A Unit Price Comparison Tool That Can Save You Money

In the current economic environment, people are trying to find ways to save money. For any consumer product, there can be a significant difference in price depending on who the merchant is. One way to save money is to compare prices when you shop for those essential items. But consumer products are often packaged in different sizes that makes it hard to compare apples to apples. You need to have a calculator with you so you can figure out the per unit price in order to make an accurate comparison. But now, this hassle is about to change.

There is a new tool out there called Unit Genius that compiles prices on popular consumer items and calculates the per unit price for you. This tool can be found at https://www.unitgenius.com. This is an engine that compares prices for the most popular household and personal essential items like pet food, diapers, toothpaste, etc., across nine major online retailers. It is the first tool in the world that automates this for you.

How does it work? Basically, you choose one of the popular consumer products that this engine has on its website. You click on the product, select the options for size if applicable, and search. The engine will gather prices from nine of the biggest online merchants on the web that sell this item. The results of your search will include the following information: the per unit price of the product, your savings over five years, and a link to the product’s web page on the merchant’s website. The results are ranked by the lowest per-unit price of that particular product.

Imagine not having to take out your calculator to figure out all of this yourself. You no longer have to struggle with figuring out whether you should buy that 4-pack at Walmart or that 6-pack at Target. The Unit Genius will figure that out for you so you will know right off the bat which merchant will give you the lowest price.

Saving pennies on a single unit may not seem like much, but when you look at the savings over five years, it can total up to thousands of dollars. These essential items are things that a typical household uses every single day, sometimes several times a day. These items are highly consumable, so you use a lot of it. Saving a few pennies every time you use it will add up to big dollars.

Unit Genius continues to add more and more products on its website. They have developed a unique algorithm that will always pull out the best price, every time. In fact, they guarantee it. If you find a lower per unit price elsewhere, Unit Genius will buy the product for you. They guarantee that the first result you get in every search will give you the lowest per unit price offered by the nine merchants that they index.

Saving money on essentials has never been easier. Go to https://www.unitgenius.com to try it out, and you will be impressed with what it can do for you.

About Pee Wee Pumps


Long gone are the days when style and fashion was only associated with teenagers and adults. Currently, parents are seeming to appreciate a high sense of style not only for themselves but also for their little kids. As a result, there has been a remarkable growth in the need for kids fashion. Many companies have come on the limelight with one of them being Pee Wee Pumps. This is a company that is not only dedicated towards kids fashion but also comfort when it comes to their mode of dressing. They have fashion designs that cater for all babies.

Everyone Is A Kid

People do not really grow up they remain kids all of their life. However, people do hide the fact that they have these tendencies. The reason why they hide these tendencies is because the world wants us to act like adults. Acting like adults however is boring and most adults will tell you that the best time of their life was when they were a kid.

Being a kid means that you can enjoy all of the cool kiddy stuff, toys and games and adventures that kids have. Therefore, if you are an adult take the time to enjoy yourself as a kid every once in a while.

Gender Prediction Myths – Are Any of Them Real?

If you are currently trying to get pregnant, you’ve probably heard about people that have been able to predict the gender of their baby ( boy or girl ). They have probably used one of the many so-called wives tales that have been spread around from generation to generation, and especially over the Internet, about special procedures that can be done to help you predict the gender of your baby. Here is an overview of many of the most popular ones, and then a conclusion as to whether or not any of them actually work at all.

Gender Prediction Myths That You May Have Heard Of

When looking at the many different methods for predicting the gender of your baby, or in some way influencing which gender you will be able to have when the child is born, some of them sound absolutely ridiculous, whereas many of them seem to have some foundation in reality, especially when so many people have said that they have tried the same procedures and it has worked for them. Some of the most common ones include looking at the history of your family, and whether or not more males or females have been born. In reality, the genetics for the gender of your child have many different variables, making it almost impossible to predict by looking at your lineage. Other ones include the size of your legs. If you have a large stomach, one that is sticking out quite far, it is theoretically going to be a girl. If your stomach is hanging low, many people believe that this is representative of having a boy, but there is no scientific proof to show that any of this is true. Your diet can also be brought into question in regard to what gender your child will be. For instance, if you are eating the ends of a loaf of bread, it is going to be a boy, and if you are eating the middle of the bread, even peeling the crust away, it is going to be a girl. Again, another myth that has no basis in reality.

Truth In Some Of The Myths

There are some myths that seem to be based in reality, primarily because of the statistics involved in studies that have been done. The time of the conception can actually be a predictor as to the gender of the child, specifically which day the conception occurs. During the menstrual cycle, those that conceive at the beginning of the cycle tend to have more boys whereas those at the end of the menstrual cycle tend to have more girls. This is not based upon scientific fact, but statistics that have been gathered from people that have been asked about the time of conception, and the gender of the child once it is born. More than likely, this is a statistical anomaly as the time of conception would not have any correlation to genetics. However, it is just one more of those old wives tales that will become more popular for a little while, and then fade into obscurity when the next one comes around.

The only way to really predict what gender a child will be is to go through in vitro fertilization. The odds are greater, weighed almost completely toward the female gender, when a woman is fertilized artificially, which has more to do with the procedure, and the eggs that are used, leading to the end result which is a female baby. Time will tell if there will actually be a way to use one of these fanciful strategies to actually consistently predict the gender of a baby. Until then, it’s always good to hope for the best, and regardless of what gender your child is, you should love the baby regardless.